Detailed Design

The main components of cordless drill are illustrated at following sections:

The main assumptions on the design of casing are undertaken compared to existing cordless drill in market and explained as following:

1. The battery connection mechanism is transformed from click-lock to sliding-lock. This mechanism is to  increase the safety of the battery in terms of falling off the drill

2. The battery level indicator which is designated at the back of the right casing

3. LED light is added to the body of the drill in order to increase the sight when working in dark areas.

Driving block is the main driving mechanism of the hammer drill. Where the power is transmitted from drive shaft (connected to DC motor) to the first 3 sets of planet gears. The planet gears have two kinds of rotation: each gear rotates at its own axis and also rotates at driving shaft axis. The rotation of planet gears will rotate the carrier. And the carrier transmits the rotation to the second 3 sets of planet gears. This transmits the rotation to hammer mechanism disk and consequently hammer mechanism disk which is engaged with chuck shaft rotates the keyless chuck. Ring gear A and B is to adjust high and low rotation speed level of chuck (High speed for drilling and low speed for screw driving). This mechanism operates by moving H/L change handle which moves ring gear A forward and backward. In backward mode when ring gear A moves towards ring gear B the first 3 sets of planet gears engage with ring gear B consequently the speed is adjusted in high an low modes.

Re-chargeable Unit:

Figure below shows the rechargeable battery unit. and it also shows the locking mechanism of the battery to the main body. In fact the main body slides into the slot and click locks into the pins.

Collaborative design approach:

A significant proportion of design team communication is facilitated by speech, mobile phone, and text, other communication techniques adopted include:

1. CAD visuals (artefacts) are the simplest way of communication which allow representation of part images, assembly, bill of materials, drawings and so on. In the design of cordless hammer drill (HYTEK9002) application of SolidWorks helped the collaborative team to communicate and visualize CAD images of the product.

2. Production of concept sketches by members of collaborative team helped to communicate, build up, and understand ideas, concepts, and knowledge of cordless hammer drill design.

3. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended software can increase engineering design productivity by empowering CAD, CAM, and CAE users to convert virtually any CAD file, as well as all other critical project data, into compact Adobe PDF files that enable more secure visualization, 3D-based collaboration, CAD data transfer. It is also practiced in current industrial design process.

In order to make the collaborative design team work effectively and efficiently this package was used to facilitate ease of communication and CAD data transfer. At first stage the CAD parts and assemblies converted to the PDF formats and emailed to the members of the design team.